Faith and Love Behind Prison Fences

الغلاف الأمامي
PublishAmerica, 01‏/08‏/2002 - 161 من الصفحات
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My search for love and meaning in life had ended behind razor-wire fences. I had reached the bottom of the pit, with nowhere to look, but up. Thatas when I turned my life over to God. In a jail chapel, I heard and accepted the message of hope, found in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I began writing stories from my prison cell about the people around me and the things God was teaching me, stories of hope, love, and forgiveness. I pray you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them and that they will grip your hearts with a new perspective for the lost. Two thieves died that day with the Savior, one was lost forever; the other went to paradise.

ما يقوله الناس - كتابة مراجعة

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