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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1879, by

in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

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HE main scope and design of the following work are set


forth in the introductory paragraphs of the history itself. beg only to add, in general terms, that a full and candid history of the War Department would be fairly entitled to a permanent place in American literature because of the long and successful labors of that Department in the spread of commerce and civilization. Herein, as will be seen in this history, no other agency has been so potent.

I have quite freely referred to the authorities for statements in the text, especially in all cases where treating of points still in dispute. These authorities have been of unspeakable value to me in the preparation of the work as will readily be seen by those who note their character. I am under scarcely less obligations to living authorities, - to the General of the Army; to the chiefs of the various staff departments at the Capital; to the chief clerk of the War Department, Mr. H. T. Crosby, and his assistant, Mr. John Tweedale; to the chief clerks of all the bureaux of the Department. These, with great kindness, have supplied me with pamphlets, official publications, and oral information of the greatest use.

It may be proper to add that no one except myself has had anything to do in the literary preparation of the work. No one else has been permitted to see or to revise a sentence of it. It is purely unofficial; entirely the private essay of




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