Six Months in America, المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
Whittaker, Treacher, & Company, 1832

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الصفحة 155 - ... imposed on by this admirable mimic, and are decoyed by the fancied calls of their mates, or dive with precipitation into the depths of thickets, at the scream of what they suppose to be the sparrow-hawk.
الصفحة 217 - Humanity has often wept over the fate of the aborigines of this country, and philanthropy has been long busily employed in devising means to avert it. But its progress has never for a moment been arrested ; and, one by one, have many powerful tribes disappeared from the earth.
الصفحة 218 - The present policy of the Government is but a continuation of the same progressive change, by a milder process. The tribes which occupied the countries now constituting the Eastern States, were annihilated, or have melted away, to make room for the whites. The waves of population and civilization are rolling to the westward ; and we now propose to acquire the countries occupied by the red men of the South and West by a fair exchange...
الصفحة 218 - Doubtless it will be painful to leave the graves of their fathers; but what do they more than our ancestors did or than our children are now doing? To better their condition in an unknown land our forefathers left all that was dear in earthly objects. Our children by thousands yearly leave the land of their birth to seek new homes in distant regions.
الصفحة 242 - ... between the appropriate duties of the General and State Governments need be attempted: for there can be no local interest that may not with equal propriety be denominated national. It has no...
الصفحة 199 - States, whose appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by law. But Congress may, by law, vest the appointment of such inferior officers as they think proper, in the President alone, in the courts of law, or in the heads of departments.
الصفحة 154 - Mr. Bartram has beautifully expressed it, 'He bounds aloft with the celerity of an arrow, as if to recover or recall his very soul, expired in the last elevated strain.
الصفحة 219 - Government, when, by events which it can not control, the Indian is made discontented in his ancient home, to purchase his lands, to give him a new and extensive territory, to pay the expense of his removal, and support him a year in his new abode? How many thousands of our own people would gladly embrace the opportunity of removing to the West on such conditions?
الصفحة 242 - State authorities, then the occasion, the manner, and the extent of the appropriations, should be made the subject of constitutional regulation.
الصفحة 144 - Grounds, as may be approved jointly by the Senate Office Building Commission and the House Office Building Commission, for the purpose of constructing on such real property, in accordance with this section, a suitable dormitory and classroom facilities complex for pages of the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

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